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I'm Ally.
23yo Tattoo Apprentice at Black Lantern, Bridlington.
<3 Corey

I’ve not posted on here in a while so I thought I should!

I’ve only really been posting on my drawing blog for the past couple of weeks now, but I’ve been more motivated than ever to draw and try and get where I want to be. I’ve even put drawing before computer games for the first time ever so definite progress!

My girl’s been on her first Nursing placement for the past nearly 4 weeks and she’s making me so proud every day, I think it’s amazing the things she’s been able to do in that short time! So I’m super proud and I’ve got to see her quite alot this year so far which makes me verrry happy. I feel at my best with her and I’ve never been happier ^_^

So happy, motivated and very much in love. Gotta say overall, every day gets better and better as I get closer and closer to living my ideal life! 

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