O' Deepest Blue...

I'm Ally.
23yo Tattoo Apprentice at Black Lantern, Bridlington.
<3 Corey
This was fun, check out Sea Of Giants who I did some guest vocals for on their new album, Northern Statues.

This was fun, check out Sea Of Giants who I did some guest vocals for on their new album, Northern Statues.

Well if we take all these things and then bury them fast,

And we’ll pray that they turn to seeds and roots and then grass

It’d be alright, it’s alright. It’d be easier that way.

Or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain,

Like you knew that he was trying to start things over again,

It’d be alright, it’s alright. It’d be easier that way.

Holy, Moley, me, oh my,
You’re the apple of my eye,
Girl I’ve never loved one like you.


artist???? sarah schor? someone?

@xcjxedge Not sure if anyone else has said but this is by Annie Frenzel dude!


artist???? sarah schor? someone?

@xcjxedge Not sure if anyone else has said but this is by Annie Frenzel dude!

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he is the tattooist equivalent of brutality will previal, ridiculously bigged up because little kids love them.

Anthony Flemming is a fool and quite frankly a disgrace to his industry, exploiting his ability to take advantage of women. It is morally wrong and disgusting, it is a prime example of…

Joshua, let me tell you a few things about myself and my life, and maybe, just maybe, you will be a little less judgemental without ever having had any contact with me in anyway…
Around 3 years ago I was just finishing 6th form studying art when I was offered an apprenticeship at my local and extremely reputable tattoo shop ‘World of Tattoos’. I wasn’t actually part of the ‘scene’ at all. I never had myspace and didn’t adhere to the normal ‘emo’ trend that seemed so part of the time. So really I was a normal guy with no fucking clue of what I wanted to do with my life, other than I wanted to draw…Not that that’s all I could do… I was predicted in my final A2 exams, 2 As and a B, so I could have quite easily gone to university and skipped this whole ‘fad’ you seem to talk about. Now my point is this… The ONLY reason I decided to do this was because I loved the environment I was thrust into when I was offered the apprenticeship. I was unsure what to do with my life and this seemed a great opportunity. I was incredibly lucky and grabbed this with both hands and didn’t fucking let go for one second. 
I don’t know if you understand how apprenticeships work within the tattoo world? Well let me tell you how mine went down…
Firstly, you don’t get paid. Not one fucking penny, and talk about workload… I was here in the studio for a year unpaid every single day from 8.30 in the morning to some times 10pm at night… Over 12 hours every day, do you know how fucking hard that is? Let me ask you a question, do you really think I would have stood the test of time if I didn’t fucking adore this industry? Being here every second I had, coming in, even after having an asthma attack at 4 in the morning and not getting home until 8am. 
And I mean that’s not it… After I qualified the work load only got greater…
the first two years of my tattooing career was sheer hard fucking work without recognition, and really, I didn’t want it as to be honest, when you are learning something new it doesn’t always work out the best. But fuck did I put my all into every tattoo, and made that tattoo with all the ability I had at the time. As the studio I work in is largely a custom shop in general, I had to draw every single night. Mostly staying up to 1/2/3 in the morning with bits of tracing paper and pencils scattered about my front room.
This year will be my third year tattooing, I have a three year waiting list and have stopped taking on new customers, do you honestly believe that happened through luck? Do you not think, maybe, I have fucking worked my fucking arse off every day of my life to even make a dent in the industry? 
If you knew me in real life and didn’t pay attention to anons and little faggots online you would realise how much I actually fucking work, and love tattooing. 
If I was doing it to be ‘cool’ then I would be knocking out shite like most of the scene knob heads circulating on this and other horrific social networking websites.
You also do realise you have completely and utterly invalidated everything you said within the post by referencing Akira…I mean I don’t want to bad mouth other tattooist and I don’t like to blow my own trumpet… but come on, are you seriously saying that dude is technically better than myself? To be honest… I think even he would agree with me. The other two are much of a muchness… If you wanted to make a point about a tattooist being technically better than myself then fuck… name some awesome artists, and yeah there are a fuck load out there… Tim hendricks, Robert Hernandez, Boris, Andy Engel, Jose Lopez, Uncle Allan, Eckel, just to name a few…
And to touch upon seemingly your main point… Me using my position to take advantage of girls… Really…come on now. 
If I wanted an easy life I would have stayed in my shit band, worked one or two hours a day and have women all over me. It seems rather arse about face to work 12 hours a day just to get laid…
My job has fuck all to do with it. You see hundreds of people without the base of tattooing on tumblr, posting a slightly out of focus dreamy shot of them selves, then 100 girls saying ohhhh I wish I could sit on his face. Etc, etc.
And taking advantage of them… HA! really?! why and how would I take advantage of them? I’m 22, I’m male… If girls wanna fuck… then we are gunna fuck. That’s their prerogative and if you are honestly telling me you wouldn’t do the same if you were offered the opportunity, then nigga… You gay.

 I think you have heard stories and browsed my personal tumblr and made such a massive fucking generalisation… In future you may want to bite your tongue with such subjects as work ethics. Especially when it comes to myself. Also to question my passion for tattooing is fucking unbelievable. 

Have a good evening mate, maybe next time don’t be such a fucking cunt.


Bravo to this reply.

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